The Unbridled Leader

A 3-day retreat that takes you into the heart of leadership and unbridling your inner leader….

Increasingly, Leadership is being seen as an emotionally evolved, collaborative sharing of power versus the power of one through the old hierarchical, conquest-oriented models or leadership by those who are technically accomplished or identified as a leader via role or titles they wear. 

What’s replacing this?

Leadership by many or everyone models and philosophies (not by title or role) also known as collaborative, dimensional or as we call it in the horse world, consensual leadership where leadership evolves on an as needed basis.

How does this impact you…? 

The world needs you showing up fully, responsibly, and powerfully, versus actively avoiding or not stepping into your full wisdom, your full leadership, and more importantly taking responsibility for the world you find yourself in.

Let us introduce you to the Wisdom of the Herd or our equine friends, who are master teachers and models of evolved emotional and social intelligence and non-predatory, consensual leadership that is always at play, even when you see them grazing peacefully in a field.


Horses as a prey animal, have a natural sensitivity to read their space and environment, including the impact of our energy when we walk into their environments. This is how they sense that predator lurking way off in the distance reading its intentions clearly, monitoring its next moves without a sound being made.  They are masters of nonverbal communication and read the energy we emit from our bodies, not the words we speak or noises we make.

As leaders and as humans, unlike the horse, we are often unconscious and disconnected from the places we are leading from, unaware of the impact we are having in the space, on another person or where we are being incongruent with our natural gifts and strengths as a leader.  Our most relied upon form of communication is verbal, yet the words we speak do not always mirror what’s going on for us internally or our truth, nor do they energetically have the impact we intend or wish they would.

Each of us, like the individual horses within a herd, are powerful communicators and agents of change when not “bridled or tacked up” with limiting beliefs,  internal predators, or assumptions that we saddle ourselves with. Many of us have not tapped into the powerful resources and potential that lies within.

What’s possible for you…

What is possible for you if you chose to unbridle your emotions, expand your nonverbal communication skills  and ride or walk beside your true self on an everyday basis vs the occasional ride you may find yourself on?

Using the soft skills of “horse sense” let us introduce you to the authentic horse you ride around on everyday, your innate inner authority, your Unbridled Leader. 

Through raised awareness and understanding, as well as hands on physical experience and ongoing conditioning you will learn to tap into unrealized potential, power, expanded awareness and most importantly, peace of mind.

In This Retreat, you will…

  • Meet and get to know and embrace your Inner Leader, or the horse you ride around on!
  • Explore conventional leadership with the herd, and how you view yourself and our species in relation to leadership and as compared to the herd and their evolved ways.
  • Meet our internal predators head on and explore the power of vulnerability and courage in relation to them.
  • Explore what we can and can’t be with in ourselves and others in conventional leadership roles.
  • Learn to embrace the dark, untamed horse we don’t dare get up on.
  • Tap into your vulnerability and courage so your internal predators will no longer be seen as an enemy, but as a gateway to freedom and self mastery or riding into greener pastures.

You will leave this retreat with a greater appreciation and consciousness of your greatest strength as an unbridled leader with an ability to connect more deeply and lead with a more embodied approach with your inner leader.


Friday June 9 - Sunday June 11


The retreat takes place at Epona Rise Retreat Center, a beautiful 80 acre facility which includes a breaktaking lodge and cabins for your stay, located 40 minutes north of Kamloops British Columbia

What’s included:

All materials and full day masterful facilitation of all three in person days

Accommodations for up to 5 nights and healthy vibrant meals to sustain your retreat experience.


$2500 CDN + tax ($500 non refundable deposit is due upon registration, payment plans can be arranged for the remaining cost.)

*All experiences with the horses are done on the ground, no previous horse experience is necessary.

Due to the intensive nature of this retreat, limited spaces are available.

Your Retreat Hosts and Facilitators:

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Hillary Schneider:

Hillary is a leadership coach, equine guided facilitator and founder of Epona Rise Retreat Center. She has been immersed in the field of equine guided coaching and leadership for the last 7 years and has a passion for bringing forward their teaching especially around leadership to develop more consciousness, aware and forward thinking leaders in our collective. Hillary has a passion for awakening and unbridling others in their leadership as a way to encourage deeper fulfillment, on purpose living and success in the lives and the businesses we are called to build through a deepening of sense of self.

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Susan Jordon CPCC, ACC:

Sue is a leadership coach, equine guided facilitator and founder of Unbridling your Leadership. She has also founded  the Equine Partnership Project, a cause to raise awareness to the profound relationships horses have partnered with us humans on to serve our growth while being life partners and endeared companions to many of us. Sue has an extensive background in business and entrepreneurial ventures and currently is responsible for Business Development in Western NA for The Coaches Training Institute. A lifelong lover of nature, animals and especially horses, a Horsewoman! She is blending her business, professional leadership and coach training backgrounds and bridging the horses into her work with her clients for their personal leadership development and growth through the applied and experiential wisdom of the herd.